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At Lion Leaf Farms it is our mission to make the local community a better place by providing a product of the best possible quality that is healthier for the people and the environment- all while being fresher, better tasting, and more nutritious. We do this by growing our produce in the most ideal conditions for plants that are more sustainable, use less water , and use no harsh chemicals. 



Image by The New York Public Library

Sustainably Grown

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80% Less Water Usage


Local All Year

Fresh Lettuce

Always Fresh

Image by Arjun MJ

Pesticide & Herbicide Free

Lab Experiment

GMO Free

Bee on Flower

Sound Safe and Pollinator Friendly

We grow our plants indoors utilizing a method called hydroponics. That means that the plants grow in water instead of soil. Furthermore, we use a set up called vertical farming. This is more commonly done in more population dense areas like cities, because a large amount of plants can be grown in a lot smaller of a space, but it works anywhere. We can grow over an acres worth in under 900 sq. ft.


Whether it's done indoors or in a greenhouse, it is considered controlled environment agriculture. Every aspect of growing conditions from light spectrum to temperature are controlled and fine tuned to be optimal for the crops we grow. This allows the plants to thrive and grow as healthy as possible, all while being more sustainable by saving water and reducing, even eliminating the need for harsh chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. 

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